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LIONEL 265E, 265W, 617, 618, 619 BLUE STREAK PASSENGER SET.  Original.  c. 1936-38.   The set is done in light blue.  As was the style on the railroads of the time, the set has a streamlined steam loco and tender pulling streamlined passenger cars which are connected to each other by vestibules.  The vestibules have the trucks, or wheels, which each coach shared. The cars have white stripes through the windows.   The die cast cab on the engine is original.  The engine has been bench tested.   It runs, reverses and the whistle works.  The lights through out the cars work as well.   Included are individual boxes and set box.  All boxes have some repairs and / or reattached or missing  flaps.  The engine box has it's liner. The photos show both ends of each box as well as the set box.  A visually striking set in nice condition.

SET GRADES C-7     BOXES GRADE C-5                         PRICE: $1,975.00

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